• Smart Global Reporting Solutions

    13+ years of smart reporting for corporations: information structuring, analytics, design and programming, — and still improving our technologies and work methods.

  • Our difference from design agencies is a strong analytical component

    Working with data is a separate business process for us. At the same time, the effectiveness of the relaying the information depends on its visual representation. Therefore, we build our work according to the formula:

  • Unique "Telescopic" Reporting

    The main difference of the "Telescopic" reports is the "vertical" representation, which allows to reduce the number of elements perceived by the user as much as possible, showing only the most vital pieces of data.

Annual and CSR Reporting — from idea to finish


  • Analysis of initial data, benchmarking
  • Structure designing
  • Industry analytics and content presentation guidelines
  • Writing and certification of texts
  • Editing, proofreading, and translation


  • Design concept (key metaphor and its design implementation)
  • Infographics and the whole complex of graphic elements
  • Photo sessions and photo editing
  • Report layout and turnkey design, smart-PDFs
Favorite Projects

We offer software specially designed for corporate reporting purposes

  • Custom infographics and animations, key data presentation
  • 3D modeling, creation of audio and video reports
  • Interactive infographics and textual explanation of the most important processes, projects and strategies
  • Accessible via standard internet browsers and mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Excellent functionality (copyability and downloadability of data, search, favorites, print, interactive analysis, etc.)
Favorite Projects

We create interactive and static (PDF) presentations, performing a full range of works:

  • Concept and structure development
  • Design
  • Rendering slides in high quality mode
  • Programming, testing, support
  • Technical support for presentations (screens, touch panels, buildings)
  • Printing and distribution of presentation materials
Favorite Projects

We create:

  • Dedicated videos about products and projects, events, description of their features and their promotion among target audiences.
  • Public speeches and public discussions videos, which can be prepared both in video format and in the format of multimedia presentations. Our videos are used at GR, PR and IR meetings.
  • Video ads and advertising campaigns. At the same time, the videos are embedded in the customer's marketing policy thanks to our analysis of the corporate identity and marketing techniques.
Favorite Projects

We offer a wide range of solutions for visualization and analysis of large data sets through the infographics:

  • Static infographics
  • Interactive solutions
Favorite Projects

We implement a full cycle on the creation of 3D objects, both static and interactive:

  • Modeling — creating a three-dimensional scene and objects in it
  • Texturing — setting the properties of objects' surfaces (transparency, reflections, roughness, etc.)
  • Lighting — installation and setup of light sources
  • Animation — a script of the movement of objects
  • Systemizing — composing the image and assembling the finished product
Favorite Projects

We are constantly work with top corporate and state officials.

We implement complex and urgent projects, always thinking about the main thing - the impact of the presentation on the target audience.


  • Clarify all the details about the target audience
  • Reveal hidden contexts, help to form theses and structure
  • Select suitable technological solutions and form the graphic appearance of the presentation
  • Rehearse the presentation with the leader, hone the presentation of the material (questions, returns, transitions)
  • Accompany the performance of the head, we guarantee the flawless technical work of the presentation
Favorite Projects

We develop dashboards and websites on a turnkey basis:

  • Design (key metaphor and its design implementation)
  • Infographics and the whole complex of graphic elements
  • Interactive modules and animation effects development
  • Front-end programming and content layout
  • Content management system (CMS) development, customer CMS-training
  • Support and customization
Favorite Projects

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